Jalapeño Popper Cheeseburger Sliders

Jalapeno Popper Cheeseburger SlidersPrairie Farms recently launched a new line of Small Batch Cream Cheese Spreads, so to help get the word out they asked me to create a recipe featuring them.

When I think of cream cheese the first thing that always comes to mind is jalapeño poppers, but after already making things like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Breaded Jalapeño Poppers, Jalapeño Popper Bites and Jalapeño Popper Corn Dogs it’s becoming increasingly difficult to come up … CONTINUE READING »

Chipotle Ranch Dressing

This homemade Chipotle Ranch dressing is good on everything from salads to tacos and can even be used as a dip! Plus, it’s ready in under 10 minutes!

Chipotle Ranch Dressing

I’m a sucker for a good Chipotle Ranch Dressing, and at this point I think I’ve tried pretty much every single brand on the market. Do you know what happens when you just buy a random bottle of Chipotle Ranch Dressing at the grocery store though? It’s … CONTINUE READING »

Bell Pepper Nachos

Bell Pepper NachosThis post is part of a series I’m working on for Black Creek Cheese. We formed a partnership out of a love for big flavor and bold cheeses. In case you’ve missed any of my previous posts you can click here to check out all the cheesy dishes I’ve come up with so far.

Baseball season officially kicks off in a couple weeks, so I teamed up with Black Creek Cheese to bring you … CONTINUE READING »

The McBenedict

The McBenedict

What do you do when you love McDonald’s breakfast but you’re sick of all the McGriddles, Biscuits and McMuffins that they offer? You invent your own breakfast! I call this the McBenedict.

I took a Big Mac, fed the top bun to my dog Finn, added some Chicken McNuggets and fries and completed my masterpiece with a poached egg and some hollandaise sauce.

Generally when I make Eggs Benedict I top the poached egg and CONTINUE READING »

Bacon Chip Nachos

Bacon Chip NachosFor the third year in a row now I’m working with the Wisconsin Pork Producers Association to create unique pork-based recipes. In case you’ve missed any of my previous posts you can click here to check out the different dishes I’ve come up with so far.

Back in October I shared a recipe with you for Breakfast Tacos with one small difference from traditional breakfast tacos — the tortillas were made from woven strips of … CONTINUE READING »

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