Review: Lou’s x Mike’s Hot Honey Deep Dish Pizza

In case you weren’t aware, today, April 5th just happens to be National Deep Dish Pizza Day and to celebrate Lou Malnati’s and Mike’s Hot Honey have announced an epic limited-time-only collaboration — Lou’s x Mike’s Hot Honey Deep Dish Pizza!

Mike's Hot Honey x Lou Malnati's PizzaI know that generally Chicago and NYC don’t mix when it comes to pizza, but in this instance the collaboration between Chicago-based Lou Malnati’s and New York based Mike’s Hot Honey is one that I think we can all agree on.

The partnership actually comes at the perfect time as hot honey seems to be the current popular food trend and being a fan of Mike’s Hot Honey for years now I’m definitely not complaining!

The pizza is available in both deep dish and thin crust variations and consists of Lou Malnati’s signature pizza crust topped with mozzarella cheese, sausage, cupped pepperoni, giardiniera and a generous drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey. 

Lou Malnati’s had me out earlier this week for a preview event where I was able to sample — and I’m using the term “sample” pretty liberally since I went back for seconds and thirds — both varieties of the new pizza as well as Lou Malnati’s traditional and boneless wings, which you can now order tossed in Mike’s Hot Honey.

Lou's  x Mike's Hot Honey Deep Dish Pizza

I’ve always preferred cupped pepperoni over traditional pepperoni anyway since they get consistently crispier, but as a topping on these pizzas they work even better since they’re able to catch the Mike’s Hot Honey drizzles. 

Granted, I’m probably a little biased since I already eat Lou Malnati’s pizza on a pretty consistent basis and already keep a bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey on hand in my kitchen cabinet at all times, but I absolutely loved this pizza. It was sweet, it was savory and it had the perfect amount of kick!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the Lou Malnati’s x Mike’s Hot Honey Pizza is available for a limited time only — although no end date has been specified yet — so if you wanna give it a try I’d stop in at a Lou Malnati’s location and do so sooner rather than later!

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