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The Wonton Grilled Cheese

The Wonton Grilled CheeseThe idea of a wonton grilled cheese was actually suggested to me by a DudeFoods reader named Walter. This sandwich as you can imagine is similar to a regular grilled cheese but uses wonton wrappers in lieu of bread.

Walter describes it by saying “At the right degree of done it turns into a stretchy cheese wonderment and after more frying it becomes more brittle. Choose which way you like it and enjoy!”


Beer Cheese Soup

Wisconsin Beer Cheese SoupI was asked recently by to come up with a few Super Bowl party recipes as part of their monthly “Entertaining with Wisconsin Cheese” feature. The first recipe that immediately came to mind was beer cheese soup.

If you’re from Wisconsin like I am I’m sure you’ve tasted or have at least heard of beer cheese soup, but much like the Beermosa it’s when I’ve talked to people from other parts of the country … CONTINUE READING »

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