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The Pub at Monte Carlo

The Pub at Monte CarloUsually when I write about a restaurant here on DudeFoods I have it planned out ahead of time. Sometimes it’s because I stumble across their menu online and a certain dish sounds appealing to me, and other times it’s because a friend tells about a place they think I’d like. Every once in a while though I’m eating somewhere and my food comes out looking so good that I decide to write about it right … CONTINUE READING »

Antigua Latin Restaurant

Antigua's Tequila Cream ChickenThere’s more to me than just bacon weave grilled cheese sandwiches and deep fried White Castle sliders. Occasionally I like to class it up a little bit and head out to dinner at places that serve food that’s a little fancier than when I’m used to. Places like Antigua Latin Restaurant for example.

I’ve been to Antigua three or four times now and I’ve never had a bad meal or even a single bad … CONTINUE READING »

The Mon Amour Benedict

The Mon Amore Benedict from Cafe AgoraI’m always a fan of any restaurant that serves breakfast all day long, so when I heard that a new place named Cafe Agora opened near my work and that they just happened to serve my favorite meal of the day from open to close I decided to stop in and check them out.

The cafe refers to themselves as a “pancake house,” which is sort of weird to me because their menu only includes … CONTINUE READING »

Wow Dog

Wow DogMilwaukee has so many great burger places  places like Oscar’s Pub & Grill, Kopp’s, Stack’d, Sobelman’s and AJ Bombers — that I feel like the decent hot dog spots around town sort of get overshadowed a bit.

I’ve already written about The Dogg Haus, which I’ve been back to a few times since my initial visit, but my go-to spot for hot dogs lately has been Wow Dog. Maybe … CONTINUE READING »

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