Italian Beef Pizza

Italian Beef PizzaThere may be a small hole in the ceiling, dirty bathrooms and a couple random cleaning buckets sitting out in their dining area, but if you can get past that the pizza at Times Square Bistro & Pizzeria is pretty top notch.

The restaurant, which is connected to a Mobil gas station and shares building space with a liquor store, an Indian restaurant and a place that sells gyros is pretty indistinguishable if you’re not already familiar with its whereabouts. In fact, I probably never would have realized it even existed if a co-worker of mine hadn’t recommended it to me.

Almost anyone can make a decent sausage or pepperoni pizza, so what I always look for in a pizza place is their specialty slices. To me that’s where the creativity and style of the pizza making process can really shine.

The slice of the day when I visited Times Square Bistro & Pizzeria, and one of the more unique pizza slices I’ve seen recently, consisted of roast beef, Swiss cheese and giardiniera peppers. In other words, it was basically an Italian beef sandwich in pizza form. It was pretty delicious and I definitely plan on stopping back soon to try some of their other slices.

The restaurant also has a pretty cool promotion going where if you’ve got some LEGO pieces you want to get rid of you can trade them for free food. Each pound of bricks will get you one free pizza! I have no idea what the going rate for LEGO pieces is, but I’d imagine that if you’re looking to get rid of yours that trading them for pizza is much easier than dealing with all the weirdos on Craigslist.

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