Breakfast Pasta

Breakfast PastaYou can file this dish under “food ideas I wish I would have thought of.” I was brunching with my wife and a couple friends at The Knick recently and what did I come across on their menu? Breakfast pasta! That’s right, as part of their Sunday brunch menu the restaurant serves up fettuccine tossed with scrambled eggs, onions, tomatoes and bacon and topped with Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.

The only downfall of having pasta this early in the … Continue Reading »

Chocolate Covered Deep Fried Triple Double Oreos

Chocolate Covered Deep Fried Triple Double Oreos

In case you missed it Nabisco recently launched a new type of Oreo cookie which they’ve dubbed the Triple Double Oreo. Each of these delicious new treats combines three wafers with a layer of vanilla creme and a layer of chocolate creme. In a way they’re sort of like the Big Mac of cookies.

The Triple Double Oreos are pretty good on their own straight out of the package, but you can read all about them on plenty of other … Continue Reading »

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Your Toaster!

Make a grilled cheese sandwich in your toaster!Earlier this summer I held a contest here on DudeFoods where one lucky reader won a Versatility 6 Quart Slow Cooker courtesy of West Bend Housewares. They even gave me my own slow cooker so I could make the winning recipe. While I was emailing back and forth with West Bend regarding the contest I also mentioned how cool I though their QuikServ Toaster looked, and being the awesome company that they are they offered to send me one … Continue Reading »

The Brunch Burger

The Brunch Burger from PalominoHi, I’m Nick. Have I mentioned yet how much I love eggs on burgers? I’m pretty sure I have. You know what makes burgers with eggs on them even better though? When they also have sausage gravy on them like the Brunch Burger at Palomino does.

Palomino serves up what is by far some of the best bar food in Milwaukee. I used to live right down the street, but even though I’ve since moved and now live about 20 … Continue Reading »

Win a Gift Basket From Planters Nuts!

Mr. PeanutYou may or may not be aware that today is National Peanut Day, but in addition to that it also happens to be the birthday of Mr. Peanut, who is the lovable mascot for Planters Nuts.

To help celebrate, Planters was nice enough to give me a gift basket filled with various Planters peanut products, a t-shirt, a water bottle and other assorted Planters swag to give away to one lucky DudeFoods reader.

What to win? All you have to … Continue Reading »

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