Monte Cristo Pizza

Monte Cristo PizzaA week and a half ago I wrote about the basil pesto club pizza that I made when I visited Palermo’s and I promised that I had a couple more pizza ideas I wanted to try out. The first is Monte Cristo pizza, which I made this past weekend.

The Monte Cristo, for those of you who have never had the pleasure of enjoying one, is an amazing sandwich consisting of ham, turkey and cheese. What really sets it apart … Continue Reading »

The Philly Corned Beef Sandwich

The Philly Corned Beef Sandwich from Jake's DeliI always seem to have a list of restaurants that I’ve been meaning to stop and eat at, and for quite some time now Jake’s Deli has been near the top of that list. I figure that any place that’s been around since 1955 has to be doing something right.

For years I’ve been heating about how great their sandwiches are and seeing as how Jake’s is only a few miles from where I live I pretty much had no … Continue Reading »


WafflecakesBack when I was making my chicken and waffle cone I inadvertently stumbled upon these pancake / waffle hybrids after I filled my waffle cone maker with pancake batter but didn’t push the top of it down quite hard enough to make a proper waffle cone.

The resulting creation tasted exactly like a waffle, but was round instead of square and had a thickness that was much closer to that of a pancake. I’ve since started referring to my accidental … Continue Reading »

Basil Pesto Club Pizza

Basil Pesto Chicken PizzaA couple weeks ago Qdoba let me come in to one of their locations, hop behind the counter and make whatever I wanted. The result was a pretty awesome seven layer quesadilla. After I posted the resulting story someone mentioned on Twitter how it was great public relations work on Qdoba’s part to let a blogger like me come in and do something like that.

I sort of jokingly replied to the tweet that I needed to convince other … Continue Reading »

The Lasagna Burger

The Lasagna BurgerI eat a LOT of burgers and occasionally the traditional ground beef patty topped with Cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato on a bun gets boring. It’s times like these that I try to create something new burger-wise. In the past I’ve come up with things like the Bacon Weave Brat Burger and the Poutine Burger. This time I decided to try my hand at a lasagna-themed burger.

For the burger patty I used the same 50/50 mix of ground … Continue Reading »

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