Chicken and Waffle Wings

Chicken and Waffle DrumsticksIt’s no secret that chicken and waffles taste amazing together, but why should you have to deal with two foods sitting separately side by side when you can just combine them into one delicious handheld snack? That’s the exact question that led me to create these chicken and waffle wings.

The waffle breaded chicken wings were actually amazingly easy to make. I started off by cooking four “drumette” sections of chicken wings and whipping up some waffle batter. Once that … Continue Reading »

Make Your Own Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay BiscuitsIf you ask most people what their favorite food from Red Lobster is I’m willing to bet that most of them won’t even name any type of seafood. More likely than not the answer will be “Cheddar Bay Biscuits,” which are the delicious little biscuits that Red Lobster drops at each table before each meal in lieu of breadsticks or dinner rolls.

Unfortunately, unlike many chain restaurants Red Lobster doesn’t make their food available for sale in grocery stores, so … Continue Reading »

Bacon Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese

Bacon Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese from Noodles & CompanyNoodles & Company recently brought back their three signature “Grown Up Mac & Cheese” dishes, and to help promote them they sent me a gift bag, which included coupons to try the entrées, some lip balm, an apron and a couple Noodles t-shirts.

Unfortunately for me the shirts were matching “Mac Mommy” and “Mac Kiddo” mother and daughter shirts. It’s a shame too, because I would totally rock a Noodles & Company “Mac Daddy” shirt if they made them. I … Continue Reading »

S’mores Quesadillas

S'mores QuesadillasI mentioned back in my blog post about how to make a grilled cheese sandwich in your toaster that I had quite the overabundance of kitchen appliances covering my countertop. One of them that hasn’t gotten much use lately is my quesadilla maker, so I set out to change that. What type of quesadilla would I make though? A chicken quesadilla? Your classic cheese quesadilla? Nope! I decided to make some s’mores quesadillas!

Since I actually wanted to be able … Continue Reading »

My McDonald’s / LivingSocial Big Mac Deal Fiasco

McDonald's Living Social Big Mac DealA few weeks back McDonald’s offered a deal through LivingSocial where for $13 you’d receive a booklet with five individual Big Mac vouchers as well as five vouchers for large orders of fries, which is half the price of what the food would have cost otherwise. McDonald’s even touted the offer as the “largest daily deal run with a fast-food chain.” Since I eat there for lunch regularly I quickly clicked the “buy now!” button when I came across the … Continue Reading »

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