Sweet and Sour Chicken Brats

Sweet and Sour Chicken BratsA few weeks back I got a box in the mail from Gold’n Plump. It contained pretty much every type of chicken sausage imaginable. There were Parmesan Italian Chicken Sausages, Hot Italian Chicken Sausages, Apple Maple Breakfast Chicken Sausages and Chicken Bratwursts. Man, I’m starting to sound like the guy from Forest Gump who wouldn’t shut up about all the different types of shrimp….

They have a ton of chicken related recipes on their website, so my original plan … Continue Reading »

Onion Crunch

Onion CrunchBack in April I got an email from a guy named Nick Loeb letting me know that he’d like to send me a sample of a new burger topping that he created called Onion Crunch. Attached to the email was a scanned page from Star Magazine with a quote from Modern Family star Sofia Vergara saying how she couldn’t eat hot dogs anymore unless they were topped with Onion Crunch.

I thought the comment was a little weird until … Continue Reading »

The Cinnaburger

The CinnaburgerI usually only listen to the radio for about 30 minutes a day — 15 of them on my way to work in the morning, and the remainder during my drive home each night. More often than not my car stereo in the mornings is tuned to Kramp & Adler on FM 102.1.

One day a couple months ago they were talking about how great a burger with a Cinnabon as a bun would be. I don’t even remember … Continue Reading »

Win a $25 Quiznos Gift Card!

Although Subway may act like they were the first sandwich chain to toast their sandwiches, the truth is that Quiznos has been doing so ever since their first location opened over 30 years ago.

Recently, Quiznos added over 25 new menu items — items like grilled flatbreads, sub sliders and a slew of new sandwiches, and they want you to try them! To accomplish this they’re hosting a couple contests.

The first is happening over on their Facebook page where … Continue Reading »

The Wisconsin Cheese Tour

The Wisconsin Cheese TourWisconsin is known for many things, but two of the most popular would probably have to be beer and cheese. I’ve been on plenty of brewery tours before, spending countless hours watching beer being made (and tasting the results), but until recently it never really occurred to me that I could go on a creamery tour and see firsthand how cheese is produced.

You may or may not be aware of it, but June is National Dairy Month, and to … Continue Reading »

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