The Arby’s Grand Turkey Club Sandwich

The Arby's Grand Turkey Club SandwichI’m pretty sure that the menu at Arby’s changes more often than any other fast food restaurant out there. The plus side of this is that every time they announce a new menu item they usually send me a gift card so I can try it out and write about it here on DudeFoods.

Their most recent addition to their menu is a line of turkey sandwiches, or Turkey Roasters as they call them. The one I decided to try … CONTINUE READING »

Drunken French Toast

Drunken French ToastTo the naked eye this probably looks like a few slices of French toast topped with some spiced apples, but in reality it’s a version of French toast that I came up with last Saturday. I call it drunken French toast.

The bread? Beer bread made with Sprecher Brewery’s Abbey Triple Belgian style ale. Instead of just battering the bread in a mixture of egg and milk like you do with traditional French toast though I swapped out the milk … CONTINUE READING »

Campbell’s Kickin’ Buffalo-Style Chicken Soup

Campbell's Chunky Kickin' Buffalo Style Chicken SoupAside from the occasional beer cheese variety I really don’t eat soup too often. It’s not that I dislike soup, it’s more that I’m just not a fan of the soup eating process. It’s SO slow…. If it was socially acceptable to treat soup like the leftover milk in the bottom of a cereal bowl and just life the bowl up to my mouth and drink it I’d be all over it, but as it is I’m just way too … CONTINUE READING »

Cobb Salad in a Crouton Cone

Cobb Salad in a Crouton ConeI have no idea why, but I really love eating food out of cones. This is evidenced by the fact that I’ve already made and written about a chicken and waffle cone, a pizza cone and my favorite, the Tacone. This time I’ve created something a little more healthy than you’re probably used to reading about here at DudeFoods, but you know what? That doesn’t make it any less delicious!

What you see here is a cone stuffed … CONTINUE READING »

Terrible PR Emails: Part Two

Home Run Inn Pizza LogoWow, it’s only been two weeks since I started my new terrible PR emails column and I’ve already got another one for you courtesy of Home Run Inn Pizza! In case you missed the first one, the whole theme is that I critique some of the PR emails that get sent to me that just don’t seem to make much sense.

I should also probably mention that I absolutely love Home Run Inn’s frozen pizza. Aside from Palermo’s they’re … CONTINUE READING »

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