The Bacon Weave Taco

The Bacon Weave TacoI know that tacos with shells made out of bacon have been done before, but none of the ones I’ve seen looked very appetizing to me. It seems like people sort of took the easy way out when making them and just tossed their bacon over a metal object, made sure the strips overlapped a little so they’d stick together and either baked or deep fried it like that so their shells just end up … CONTINUE READING »

Total Letdown: The Brewers Brat Dog

The Brewers Brat DogEvery time I write a blog post it’s either about a crazy creation I made at home or something delicious I ate at a restaurant. Well, today’s story is a little different. This one is about a meal that totally let me down.

A couple weeks back my wife and I went to a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game with our friends Tom and Stephanie. Once inside the stadium we headed to the Johnson Controls Stadium CONTINUE READING »

Eggs in Clouds

Eggs in CloudsThis is another dish similar to the Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pull Apart Bread that I made back in December where I can’t even remember where I originally came across the recipe. All I know is that I’ve wanted to try making these Eggs in Clouds for a long time now, and a couple weeks ago I finally gave it a shot!

What’s really cool about Eggs in Clouds is that the only ingredient you really … CONTINUE READING »

Bread Cheese Waffles

Bread Cheese WafflesA while back I discovered Bread Cheese, or Juustoleipä as its been known for over 200 years in Sweden and Northern Finland where it originated. It’s a pretty unique cheese in the sense that it’s baked during the cheesemaking process, which caramelizes the sugars on the outside of the cheese creating a brown crust.

The thing that I love most about Bread Cheese though is that it doesn’t melt quite like regular cheese does and … CONTINUE READING »

The Bacon Weave Quesadilla

The Bacon Weave QuesadillaHormel recently sent me a bunch of bacon — 12 pounds to be exact — and this Bacon Weave Quesadilla is what I did with the first two pounds of it.

Actually, I should clarify that a little, the two bacon weave “tortillas” that I made only totaled about a pound and a half, but when you’re cooking with bacon you’re obviously going to eat some along the way, and that’s where the extra half … CONTINUE READING »

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