Deep Fried Mashed Potatoes

Deep Fried Mashed PotatoesI’ve owned my deep fryer for almost a year now and in that span I’ve deep fried everything from deviled eggs to beer cheese soup to chocolate covered Triple Double Oreos and a whole lot more.

This past weekend while trying to figure out what to do with the pile of potatoes I had leftover from a recent cookout I came up with another idea — deep fried mashed potatoes!

I started by whipping up some mashed potatoes (obviously) and … CONTINUE READING »

Selling Out: Part Two

The Motorola XYBoard and my Thai chicken pizzaA couple weeks ago I mentioned how Verizon Wireless hooked me up with some money, a Motorola Droid Xyboard and six months of free, unlimited data access. All I have to do in exchange? Share my experiences when it comes to using the tablet. In case you missed the original post you can read it by clicking here.

Anyway, back when I wrote that first post I still hadn’t used my tablet for much, but recently I discovered just … CONTINUE READING »

Breakfast Hot Dogs

Breakfast Hot DogsYou know how in the movie Billy Madison Adam Sandler draws a blue duck and then tells his teacher he chose the color because he’s never seen a blue duck before and honestly, he just wanted to see one? That’s how I feel about breakfast hot dogs.

Now, I’m not saying that no one has ever made breakfast hot dogs before, but I’ve certainly never seen them at any restaurants I’ve ever been to. Sure, everyone and their mother is … CONTINUE READING »

Graze Restaurant

Graze RestaurantHow do you top a day of non-stop cheese eating followed by a fancy dinner at the Madison Club? You head to Graze the next morning for brunch!

Graze, which is located right on the Capital Square in Madison, Wisconsin, is pretty much the epitome of a locally sourced restaurant. In fact, if you flip over their menu you can actually see where they obtain all their ingredients, from their beef and chicken all the way down to their … CONTINUE READING »


CinnaslidersA few weeks ago I wrote about a burger I created called the Cinnaburger, where I combined a half pound burger patty, a Cinnabon and some bacon into a delicious artery-clogging, heart attack-inducing treat. I expected it to be a popular post, but I certainly didn’t expect it to get quite the amount of press that it did.

About a week after I originally posted it my burger was written about on the Huffington Post, mentioned on CNBC … CONTINUE READING »

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