Milwaukee’s Largest Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Milwaukee's Largest Grilled Cheese SandwichNormally when a bar or restaurant claims that they have the “best burger in town” or ” world famous sandwiches” their food never actually lives up to the hype. Best in town according to who? The Owner? The guy that cooks it?

I can sit here and tell you how I make the best French toast in the entire country, but if you actually tried it I’m sure that you could at least think of at least a couple instances … CONTINUE READING »

Mexican Corn on the Cob

Mexican Corn on the CobI’ve mentioned a couple times now how until the end of the year I’m part of the Verizon Wireless Savvy Gourmets program, and in turn I was given some money, a Motorola Droid Xyboard and six months of free, unlimited data service. In case you missed it you can read parts one and two here and here.

As part of the program a few other bloggers and myself were invited to a dinner down in Chicago where chef Efrain … CONTINUE READING »

The Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich in a Can

The Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich in a CanA little over a year ago I wrote about a company called Candwich that sells a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that comes in a can.

They claim that the sandwiches have a shelf life of a year, so I saved one and last month on the one year anniversary of my original blog post I poured myself a glass of milk, popped the top of the can and took a bite. Amazingly, it tasted exactly the same as … CONTINUE READING »

Pecan Bacon Toffee

Pecan Bacon ToffeeA couple weeks ago I got a jar of spiced pecans in the mail from Treat Bake Shop. Do you know what I love making with pecans? Pecan toffee. Do you know what I’ve never added to my pecan toffee? Bacon! Seeing as how I now had a fresh jar of roasted, seasoned pecans I figured what better time than now to try making some pecan bacon toffee.

1 1/2 cups chopped pecans
6 slices bacon
12 ounces … CONTINUE READING »

Goodbye My Friend….

Goodbye old friend....It’s a sad day here at DudeFoods headquarters, aka my kitchen, as a dear friend is no longer with us.

Last Saturday morning as I opened my kitchen cabinet to grab a bowl for some cereal my 15″ Wedgewood graphite rectangular serving tray fell to its untimely death.

You might remember the tray from such classic DudeFoods posts as deep fried deviled eggs, the 25 cheese pizza and Elvis cookies. In fact, I’ve used it in a total … CONTINUE READING »

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