The Macaroni and Cheese Omelette

The Macaroni and Cheese OmeletteIf you’ve been reading DudeFoods for a while then you’ve already seen plenty of posts where I’ve tried to use  macaroni and cheese in non-traditional ways. There was the Macaroni and Grilled Cheese Sandwich, the Macaroni and Cheeseburger and of course the Colby Jack Mac and Cheese Pie with a bacon crust, which to this day is still one of the most popular blog posts I’ve ever written. This time I’m back with the Macaroni and Cheese Omelette.… Continue Reading »

The S’moreo

The S'moreoDon’t you hate it when you come up with a great idea only to realize that its already been done by someone else? That’s what happened to me with the s’moreo.

You see, I opened my kitchen cabinet one day recently to notice a half-finished package of Oreo cookies sitting next to a couple Hershey’s chocolate bars that I had left over from when I made my s’mores quesadilla. Immediately a thought popped into my head. Why not make … Continue Reading »

Brick 3 Pizza

Brick 3 PizzaLocated in downtown Milwaukee, Brick 3 Pizza has been open for two and a half years now. I’ve eaten there about eight or nine times in that span, but due to their late night hours and close proximity to numerous bars none of those visits have been before 2am, or, for that matter, when I’ve been sober. Since pretty much everything tastes good when you’re drunk however I was a little nervous that Brick 3 wouldn’t be quite as good … Continue Reading »

The Cheeto Crusted Chicken Sandwich

The Cheeto Chicken SandwichScrew spices and fancy marinades, if you really want to make a good chicken sandwich all you really need to do is bread it with Cheetos. That’s what I discovered recently at Tower Restaurant & Bar when I tried their Cheeto Crusted Chicken Sandwich.

The sandwich starts off as a simple half pound chicken breast but takes an interesting (and delicious) turn when the culinary minds at Tower bread it with crushed up Cheetos and top it with lettuce, tomato, … Continue Reading »

Beer Cheese Soup

Wisconsin Beer Cheese SoupI was asked recently by to come up with a few Super Bowl party recipes as part of their monthly “Entertaining with Wisconsin Cheese” feature. The first recipe that immediately came to mind was beer cheese soup.

If you’re from Wisconsin like I am I’m sure you’ve tasted or have at least heard of beer cheese soup, but much like the Beermosa it’s when I’ve talked to people from other parts of the country that I’ve realized that not … Continue Reading »

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