Deep Fried S’mores

Deep Fried S'moresMy quest to deep fry every possible thing I can think of has brought me to my latest creation; deep fried s’mores. Why deep fried s’mores you ask? Excellent question! My main problem with regular s’mores is that it seems like every single time I take a bite of one of them the graham cracker falls apart and I end up with chocolate and/or marshmallow all over my fingers. My theory prior to making these was that the deep fryer … Continue Reading »

The Alligator Sandwich

The Alligator SandwichI spent a weekend in Wisconsin Dells recently for my buddy Allen’s bachelor party, and on our second day after a drunken round of miniature golf we headed to Marley’s for lunch. As you can probably tell from the name, Marley’s happens to be a Caribbean themed restaurant, serving jerk chicken and pork, seafood and an assortment of sandwiches among other things. One menu item immediately caught my eye though; the alligator sandwich.

The sandwich consists of breaded and deep … Continue Reading »

Pizza Hut’s $10 Any Size, Any Crust, Any Toppings Deal

Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials on TV advertising that for a limited time at Pizza Hut you can get a pizza of any size, with any type of crust covered in any toppings you want for $10. Now, I’ve seen some pretty good pizza deals before, but this seemed almost too good to be true, and I started wondering what would happen if I were to try and order a large pizza with every single topping that Pizza Hut offered. … Continue Reading »

Cake Balls

Cake BallsI think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a very big dessert fan. Actually, the fact that I rarely ever eat sweets is probably one of the only reasons I can continue to do this blog without weighing 300 pounds. If there’s one desert that I especially don’t like it’s cake. I don’t even eat cake on my birthday, and that’s why when my buddy Allen told me that his wife’s co-worker started her own business selling “cake balls” and … Continue Reading »

The Bacon Weave Brat Burger

The Bacon Weave Brat BurgerAbout a month ago Johnsonville sent me some of their new bratwurst patties and Italian sausage patties to try. I’ve cooked them on my grill a few times now since they were delivered to my front door and long story short, they’re delicious and up until now I never even paused long enough while eating them to take a picture. Since just cooking these up and tossing them on a bun with some cheese would be pretty unoriginal though (and … Continue Reading »

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