Kettle Bake Baked Popcorn

Aunt Marie's Gourmet Kettle Bake Baked PopcornI’ve been getting a ton of food sent to me lately, and one of the better things I’ve gotten recently has been this oven baked popcorn courtesy of Aunt Marie’s Gourmet.

It’s funny, even after reading the “About Us” section of their website three or four times now I still can’t really follow it.  Apparently the company was started by a computer industry guy who lost his job in the late 90’s when the dot-com bubble burst. He then … Continue Reading »

The Poor Man’s Eggs Benedict

The Poor Man's Eggs BenedictLast weekend I wanted to make myself Eggs Benedict, but after checking my kitchen I realized that I was short two key ingredients — English muffins and Canadian bacon. Since I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store though I did the next best thing — I improvised!

What I did have you see, was a loaf of plain white bread and an 88 cent package of cheap bologna that I bought a week prior. Granted, these two things … Continue Reading »

The French Toast Burger

The French Toast Burger from Hamburger Mary'sBreakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. There isn’t much I enjoy more than heading out to eat with friends and grabbing a few drinks and some good food, so when there’s a new restaurant in town offering brunch I’m always eager to check it out.

Although Hamburger Mary’s has been around since 1972 with eleven locations across the country they just recently set up shop in my hometown of Milwaukee. A couple weeks ago I finally … Continue Reading »

The California Burrito

The California BurritoA couple months ago a new Mexican restaurant opened right near where I work. I was alerted to its presence by a handmade neon poster board sign as I drove by one day on my lunch break. Check out the picture of the sign below. Clearly when you see a sign that awesome the first thing you want to do is stop in and give that restaurant a try right? And stop in is just what I did!

The name … Continue Reading »

Win a $50 American Express Gift Card from Pringles!

PringlesEarlier this week Pringles launched their Tournament of Flavors, which is a bracket-style contest consisting of fan-submitted, Pringles-themed videos. What’s even better is that to help kick things off they’re giving one lucky DudeFoods reader a $50 American Express gift card!

They gave me a $50 gift card as well, but I can assure you that being paid off had no impact on me whatsoever when I decided to write this blog post. Alright, it might have had a smallContinue Reading »

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