The Poutine Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Poutine Grilled Cheese SandwichA while back I made a grilled cheese curd sandwich where I combined some white Cheddar cheese curds with a couple slices of sharp Cheddar deli cheese. It was absolutely delicious and I’ve been making similar sandwiches ever since. Recently I decided to switch things up a bit, so I swapped out the sharp Cheddar for some French fries, kept the cheese curds and added a bowl of gravy for dipping purposes. This is how the poutine grilled cheese was … CONTINUE READING »

The Seven Layer Breakfast Sandwich

The Seven Layer Breakfast SandwichI was pretty hungry one recent morning so I figured I’d make myself a sandwich. I started digging through my refrigerator trying to decide what I should add to it when I decided to just take every single piece of meat I could find, cook some eggs and make one monster breakfast creation.

As it turns out, I had exactly seven different types of meat — bacon, turkey bacon, ham, turkey, breakfast sausage, turkey breakfast sausage and Canadian bacon — … CONTINUE READING »

Win Two Tickets to the Milwaukee Wine Opener!

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation LogoHey Milwaukeeans! Wanna win tickets to the Milwaukee Wine Opener? Well you’re in luck because I have a pair of them to give away to one lucky DudeFoods reader!

The yearly event — benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation — is happening on Friday, February 8th at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center and will feature an unlimited sampling of 70 different wines.

Now I know that some of you — myself included — might be thinking to yourself “But I … CONTINUE READING »

The Breakfast BacoBurger

The Breakfast BacoBurgerBack in November I wrote about BacoBurger — a company that packages and sells burgers that are made from a blend of ground bacon and meat. Now, if there’s one thing I love more than burgers it’s breakfast, so seeing as how I had a few burger patties left after my original blog post I decided to try making a breakfast BacoBurger.

Instead of a bun I opted to use two waffles. Since my waffle maker only makes square waffles … CONTINUE READING »

The Spicy Elvis

The Spicy Elvis SandwichI’m sure most of you are aware of what an Elvis sandwich is, but just in case you aren’t I’ll break it down for you. The sandwich, which has often been referred to as one of Elvis Presley’s favorites (hence the name), consists of bacon, peanut butter and banana between two pieces of grilled bread.

I’ve eaten plenty of Elvis sandwiches in my life, but recently I decided to switch it up a little and swap out the bananas for … CONTINUE READING »

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