Burrito Bueno’s All You Can Eat Lunch Buffet

Burrito BuenoI was reminiscing recently about how much I used to love the all you can eat buffet at Chi Chi’s before they filed for bankruptcy and shuttered all of their U.S. locations when I decided to look online to see if any places in Milwaukee still offered a Mexican lunch buffet. As it turns out, there just happens to be a restaurant called Burrito Bueno located a mere four and a half  miles from my work where for $7.25 you … Continue Reading »

Breakfast Egg Rolls

Breakfast Egg RollsSo I like egg rolls, and I like scrambled eggs, but one thing I’ve never had in my life is an egg roll stuffed with scrambled eggs. Seeing as how I own a deep fryer now though I figured I should finally turn my dream into a reality and make a few breakfast egg rolls.

I started off with three egg roll wrappers and filled them each with some scrambled eggs, shredded Cheddar cheese, some chopped up maple syrup flavored … Continue Reading »

Steak & Chicken Fajita Mac & Cheese

Steak & Chicken Fajita Mac & CheeseYou’ve been able to buy frozen T.G.I. Friday’s food at the grocery store for years now, but up until now what was mainly available were larger portions of some of their more popular appetizers. This changed recently however when they decided to launch their new frozen line of ‘Entrées for One.’

T.G.I. Friday’s was nice enough to hook me up with a bunch of their new frozen meals to try out, and you know what? They’re pretty good. It seems … Continue Reading »

Deep Fried Baconnaise

Deep Fried BaconnaiseI was thinking recently about the deep fried butter that was all the rage at state fairs across the country this past summer and how hard it would be for them to top that next year. I mean, what’s more ridiculous than deep fried butter right? Then it suddenly came to me… deep fried mayonnaise! Surely there’s nothing that could possibly outdo that right? Oh, but there’s one thing that can, and that one thing is deep fried Baconnaise!… Continue Reading »

The Apple Bacon Burger

The Apple Bacon BurgerI’ve been following and salivating for what seems like forever now as I’ve watched Motor Bar & Restaurant unveil their monthly specialty burgers. Every single one of them has looked completely delicious and every single month I tell myself that I need finally make it a point to stop in and eat there.

General laziness got the best of me however and after missing out on awesome creations like their Bloody Mary Burger (an Angus patty smothered in Bloody Mary … Continue Reading »

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