Thanksgiving Leftovers in Edible Biscuit Bowls

Thanksgiving Leftovers in Edible Biscuit BowlsStill have a bunch of Thanksgiving leftovers in your refrigerator? Looking for a unique way to finish them off? Are you so tired from all that Black Friday shopping that you don’t feel like doing any dishes? Then bake some edible biscuit bowls to eat them out of!

I did something similar a while back when I made my Thanksgiving Leftovers Cone, but these biscuit bowls are much more practical since that cone probably … CONTINUE READING »

Leftover Halloween Candy Corn Dogs

Leftover Halloween Candy Corn DogsI know that I’m referring to these as Leftover Halloween Candy Corn Dogs, but in reality I guess I should call them something more like “the candy I decided to keep for myself and not give out to the kids that came to my door during trick-or-treat corn dogs” instead.

The concept behind these is pretty simple — instead of skewering a hot dog, dipping it in corn dog batter and deep frying it I … CONTINUE READING »

Deep Fried Ice Cream Lava Cake

Deep Fried Ice Cream Lava CakeI came up with this idea one night as I was sitting on the couch watching Netflix and eating a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

All the cookie dough chunks seemed to be concentrated right in the middle so that’s where I kept scooping from. In the end I was left with a pint of ice cream that had a completely hollowed out center.

Immediately my instinct to deep fry everything in … CONTINUE READING »

Yeah… I’m Basically a Corn Expert Now….

An ear of Iowa cornEarlier this month I was invited by Iowa Corn to spend a couple days in Iowa with eleven other bloggers learning everything there is to know — or as much as you can possibly learn in 48 hours — about corn.

Being from Wisconsin I’ve been on similar trips around my home state learning about milk and cheese and I actually noticed a lot of similarities between the farms I visited in Wisconsin and the … CONTINUE READING »

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