Pepperoni Crust Pizza

Pepperoni Crust PizzaAfter a failed attempt at creating a pepperoni taco shell left me with an abundance of leftover pepperoni I decided to put it to good use by making a pizza crust out of it instead.

Have you ever baked pepperoni slices in your oven to create chips out of them? If you haven’t you should definitely give it a try. Seriously, put some pepperoni on a baking sheet and throw in your oven for ten minutes at 425° and you’ll … Continue Reading »

Mini Elvis Doughnuts

Mini Elvis DoughnutsMy sister-in-law bought me a mini doughnut maker for Christmas and for my first experiment with it I decided to try making some Elvis Doughnuts.

An Elvis sandwich, for those of you who are unaware, consists of bacon, peanut butter and banana between two pieces of grilled bread. The name comes from the fact that the sandwich was apparently one of Elvis Presley’s favorite things to eat.

I’ve experimented with different iterations of the Elvis before, by creating things like … Continue Reading »

Win a Bacon, Bourbon & Beer Market Box From 1-800-BASKETS.COM

The Bacon, Bourbon & Beer Market BoxBack in August I gave away a Market Box from 1-800-BASKETS.COM, which is a gift box filled with “premium products inspired by today’s culinary trends.”

Well, 1-800-BASKETS.COM has expanded their Market Box offering since then and recently launched a new Bacon, Bourbon & Beer Market Box. What’s even better is that they’re giving one of these new boxes away to one lucky DudeFoods reader!

So what does the Bacon, Bourbon & Beer Market Box include you ask? Inside … Continue Reading »

Oreo Cookie Glazed Bacon

Oreo Cookie Glazed BaconI never realized how well Oreo cookie filling melted until I tried deep frying it back in November. Since then I’ve been trying to come up with another use for it and while staring at a package of bacon that I got in the mail from Hormel it finally came to me. Oreo Cookie Glazed Bacon! If you even remotely like candied bacon you’ll absolutely LOVE this!

Just like I did when I made my Deep Fried Oreo Cookie Filling … Continue Reading »

Blaze Pizza

Blaze PizzaLast year I was in Las Vegas and ate at a pizza place called Project Pie that was sort of a pizza version of Chipotle or Subway. You start off with fresh pizza dough and go down the line as one of their employees adds as many toppings as you want to your pizza.

That wasn’t the unique part about Project Pie though. What was great about it is that after you cover your pizza with toppings they throw it … Continue Reading »

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