Millioke – Meat, Cheese, Beer

Millioke - Meat, Cheese, BeerRestaurants located inside hotels often get a bad rap. You know what though? Most of the time it’s well deserved because honestly, a lot of them just aren’t that good.

Think about it, when you constantly have a steady flow of new customers that are staying right upstairs from your establishment you usually don’t have to try very hard because most of them are only in town for a short while and won’t be coming back anyway. There are a … Continue Reading »

S’mores Pop-Tarts S’mores

S'mores Pop-Tarts S'moresRecently a DudeFoods reader suggested that I try making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using peanut butter and jelly Pop-Tarts in lieu of bread. It sounded like an awesome idea so I headed to the grocery store to buy the ingredients I needed. The only problem was that I couldn’t find any peanut butter and jelly flavored Pop-Tarts.

What I DID find though were s’mores Pop-Tarts so I grabbed a box of those, scrapped the original idea and got … Continue Reading »


My box of goodies from BaconFreak.comI recently received a package in the mail from Now, as great as getting free food in the mail is, I normally don’t get as excited as I did with this one. This box is right up there with the bacon filled gift basket that sent me last year.

So what was in it? A few pounds of bacon — one of which I already used when I made Bacon Maple Crong Johns a few weeks back … Continue Reading »

Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Krispy Kreme DoughnutsThe Wisconsin State Fair wrapped up yesterday and as I stopped down for one final day of eating deep fried foods, foods on sticks and deep fried foods on sticks I got to thinking about what sort of crazy concoctions I would sell if I ever somehow got my own stand there. Well, here’s my first idea! Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!

I started of by picking up two different varieties of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts — … Continue Reading »

Stuffed Breakfast Bagels

Stuffed Breakfast BagelsI’m always searching for new and inventive ways to enjoy breakfast, which is by far my favorite meal of the day. When it comes to breakfast foods I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose just one I’d probably pick a nice simple egg sandwich on a bagel.

The problem I always have with bagels and egg sandwiches though is that unless you pile tons of scrambled eggs between the two bagel halves you … Continue Reading »

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