Tortilla Chip Breaded Deep Fried Queso Dip

Tortilla Chip Breaded Deep Fried Queso DipIf there’s anything I’ve learned from things I’ve made recently like The Deep Fried Doritos Breaded Qdoba Burrito or The Cheeseburger Pringles Breaded Deep Fried Burger it’s that chips make for a pretty amazing — and easy — breading when you want to deep fry something.

If there’s a second thing I’ve learned lately it’s that my cholesterol is most likely through the roof right now because I just made and consumed a pretty ridiculous … CONTINUE READING »

Review: People’s Choice Beef Jerky

People's Choice Beef JerkyIt seems like there are more and more beef jerky companies popping up every single day, so it’s always cool to see one that’s been around for over 85 years and four generations like People’s Choice Beef Jerky has.

They recently shipped me one of their One-of-Everything jerky boxes, which includes 11 bags of jerky in flavors ranging from Limón con Chile to Garlic Ginger to Sweet Chili Habanero, as well as classics like … CONTINUE READING »

Checking Out the Fall-Of-The-Bone Ribs From Texas Roadhouse

The Fall-Of-The-Bone Ribs from Texas RoadhouseTexas Roadhouse invited me in recently to sample their fall-off-the-bone ribs and I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed!

Actually, I should correct myself, when I hear the word “sample” it sounds like more of a one bite tasting that you’d get as you’re walking the aisles of a grocery store. This was more of a feast — a heavenly meaty feast!

What makes their ribs so great is the process in which they prepare them. Each … CONTINUE READING »

Rib Meat and Coleslaw Egg Rolls

Rib Meat and Coleslaw Egg RollsFor about a year and a half now I’ve been working with Smithfield to create recipes using their various pork products. In case you’ve missed them you can click here to check out all the different dishes I’ve come up with thus far.

This time they sent me a couple slabs of their Dry Seasoned Ribs and specifically asked me to repurpose the cooked rib meat into a second dish. This was great because not … CONTINUE READING »

The Deep Fried Doritos Breaded Qdoba Burrito

The Deep Fried Doritos Breaded Qdoba BurritoBack in November of last year I took a couple Beefy 5-Layer Burritos from Taco Bell, breaded them in Nacho Cheese Doritos and deep fried them. They were awesome, with one small exception — for having the word “beefy” right in the name of their item Taco Bell certainly doesn’t include much beef in it.

I wanted to make another one recently, but this time I decided to use a burrito from the one … CONTINUE READING »

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