Arby’s Gift Card Giveaway!

Arby's LogoArby’s recently launched their new Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich, and to help spread the word they’ve sent me a couple free sandwich coupons to give out to two lucky DudeFoods readers so you can try it for yourselves.

They also sent me everything I need to make my own brisket at home including wood chips, an apron, gloves, a thermometer and a sauce brush. All that was missing was the meat itself, but they threw in an American Express gift … Continue Reading »

Deep Fried Doritos Crusted Bacon

Deep Fried Doritos Crusted BaconA while back I made some Doritos Crusted Chicken Strips. Then, back at the end of March I made a Deep Fried Doritos Breaded Burger, which was absolutely amazing. Just when I thought I’d run out of things to bread with Doritos though I was staring at a package of bacon that Hormel sent me when I thought to myself “You know what, why not bread some of this bacon with Doritos!?”

So, I fried up about ten … Continue Reading »

Deep Fried Peeps Stuffed Chocolate Eggs

Deep Fried Peeps Stuffed Chocolate EggsI know that this blog post would have been a lot more timely had I posted it prior to Easter, but Easter candy isn’t half price at Target before Easter, and these Peeps stuffed chocolate eggs normally cost something crazy like $5 each. At $2.50 each though they’re a total steal, especially when you’re looking for something new to deep fry!

I started off by whipping up my batter (1 cup flour, 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder, 1/2 cup milk … Continue Reading »

Free Stuff Haiku Reviews: Part 7

It’s time for another round of Free Stuff Haiku Reviews! In case you missed the six previous editions, this is where I combine my love of Japanese poetry with some short reviews of free things that companies have sent me by writing a haiku about each product.

This time around I think the thing I was probably most psyched to try was the Cereal Milk from Cow Wow, especially after I had just watched them pitch the product … Continue Reading »

The Chicken Pot Pie Cone

The Chicken Pot Pie ConeAfter my Apple Pie Cone turned out way better than I expected there’s no way that I wasn’t going to follow it up with something similar, and when I got to thinking about other types of pies that I’d like to see in a more portable form the first one that came to mind was chicken pot pie.

So, I once again headed to the grocery store and picked up a pre-made pie crust, wrapped it around a cone-form and … Continue Reading »

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