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S’mores Quesadillas

S'mores QuesadillasI mentioned back in my blog post about how to make a grilled cheese sandwich in your toaster that I had quite the overabundance of kitchen appliances covering my countertop. One of them that hasn’t gotten much use lately is my quesadilla maker, so I set out to change that. What type of quesadilla would I make though? A chicken quesadilla? Your classic cheese quesadilla? Nope! I decided to make some s’mores quesadillas!


Deep Fried S’mores

Deep Fried S'moresMy quest to deep fry every possible thing I can think of has brought me to my latest creation; deep fried s’mores. Why deep fried s’mores you ask? Excellent question! My main problem with regular s’mores is that it seems like every single time I take a bite of one of them the graham cracker falls apart and I end up with chocolate and/or marshmallow all over my fingers. My theory prior to making these … CONTINUE READING »

Cake Balls

Cake BallsI think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a very big dessert fan. Actually, the fact that I rarely ever eat sweets is probably one of the only reasons I can continue to do this blog without weighing 300 pounds. If there’s one desert that I especially don’t like it’s cake. I don’t even eat cake on my birthday, and that’s why when my buddy Allen told me that his wife’s co-worker started her own … CONTINUE READING »

Chocolate Covered Deep Fried Triple Double Oreos

Chocolate Covered Deep Fried Triple Double Oreos

In case you missed it Nabisco recently launched a new type of Oreo cookie which they’ve dubbed the Triple Double Oreo. Each of these delicious new treats combines three wafers with a layer of vanilla creme and a layer of chocolate creme. In a way they’re sort of like the Big Mac of cookies.

The Triple Double Oreos are pretty good on their own straight out of the package, but you can read all about … CONTINUE READING »

Maple Syrup and Pancake Frozen Custard

Kopp's Frozen CustardI feel sorry for people who haven’t had the chance to experience real Midwestern frozen custard. I always though it was crazy when New Yorkers would talk about how New York style pizza just isn’t as good when you order it anywhere else, but that’s exactly the same way I feel about custard. I’m not going to get into a debate about who has the best frozen custard in Milwaukee because if you ask three … CONTINUE READING »

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