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Brad’s Barnbuster Burger

Brad's Barnbuster Burger From Bunker'sConsidering that Bunker’s has already been featured on the Travel Channel’s “Best Places I’ve Ever Been” and has also been written up in numerous local publications there probably isn’t too much I can say about it that hasn’t been said already. I’m actually not even sure how I missed the boat on this place, but I’m glad I finally got a chance to stop in for dinner.

I’ve professed my love for burgers with eggs … CONTINUE READING »

The Bigger Mac

The Bigger MacI call this burger The Bigger Mac because well, it’s exactly like a regular Big Mac but larger. Two times larger to be exact!

Want to make your own? Here’s how:

Step One – Go to McDonald’s and buy two Big Macs. I prefer to go on Mondays when they have the two for $3.33 Big Mac promotion going on. I’m not sure if that’s a nationwide deal or only regional though so your Bigger … CONTINUE READING »

The Home Run Inn Pizza Burger

The Home Run Inn  Pizza BurgerI got an email recently from the social media director for Home Run Inn Pizza. She mentioned how they recently launched their “Ultra Thin” personal frozen pizza line, which is a collection of 280 – 380 calorie personal pizzas that you can bake, grill or even cook in your microwave. She offered to send me a couple of the new pizzas to try and if there’s one thing I like more than pizza it’s FREE CONTINUE READING »

The Surf and Turf Burger

The Surf and Turf BurgerI’ve wanted to stop at Burger Bar the past couple times I’ve been in Las Vegas, but never ended up making it over to Mandalay Bay to eat there until my most recent trip. In fact this time I didn’t even want to chance missing it again so I pretty much headed over there as soon as I was checked into my hotel room.

The signature burger at Burger Bar is the Rossini, a $60 … CONTINUE READING »

Recreating the McDonald’s Mega Tamago Burger

The McDonald's Mega Tamago BurgerIt’s no secret that fast food menus vary from country to country. Burger King for example recently offered it’s UK customers a Whopper that included Brussels sprouts that they creatively titled the Sprout Surprise Whopper. If you live in Germany and love tuna you can head to Pizza Hut and feast on a tuna and red onion pizza.

McDonald’s on the other hand happens to have a burger that they sell in Japan called the … CONTINUE READING »

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