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BacoBurger LogoLast week I got a package in the mail from my buddies over at FoodBeast. Its contents? Eight half-pound burger patties from BacoBurger. I wasn’t familiar at all with what a BacoBurger even was, and all that was included along with my burgers was a packing slip, so I headed over to their website to read up on them.

As it turns out, their burgers are a blend of ground bacon and meat. … CONTINUE READING »

Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Bacon

Deep Fried Bacon If you’re a regular reader of DudeFoods you might find this hard to believe, but out of all the things I’ve tried deep frying — mashed potatoes, nacho cheese, deviled eggs, lasagna and a ton more — I’ve still never made deep fried bacon. Pretty crazy huh? Seeing as how I just got an entire gift basket full of it from though I figured that now was as good a time … CONTINUE READING »


The Nueske Bacon Assortment Gift BasketOut of all the food that has been sent to me over the past couple years to write about here on DudeFoods this most recent delivery is by far my favorite. It comes from the fine folks over at and as you can see from the picture it’s a gift basket filled with a ridiculous amount of bacon. A ridiculous amount of Nueske’s bacon to be exact! If you’ve never had the pleasure of … CONTINUE READING »

The Bacon Weave Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Bacon Weave Grilled Cheese SandwichAfter realizing how well bacon and melted cheese go together when I made my bacon weave pizza a little while back this idea seemed like a no-brainer. Yep, the bacon weave is once again making it’s triumphant return to DudeFoods and this time it comes in sandwich form!

Instead of one bacon weave I made two this time, each of which was roughly the size of a piece of bread. Instead of putting them in … CONTINUE READING »

Bacon Weave Pizza

My bacon weave prior to cookingEver since I made my mac and cheese pie that had a crust made completely out of bacon I’ve been telling myself that I need to incorporate the bacon weave into another dish. Well, I finally did it with this pizza! Yep, I didn’t use a single ounce of dough for the crust in this pizza. What I did use however was an entire pound of delicious applewood-smoked bacon!

I started off by weaving my … CONTINUE READING »

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