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Campbell’s Kickin’ Buffalo-Style Chicken Soup

Campbell's Chunky Kickin' Buffalo Style Chicken SoupAside from the occasional beer cheese variety I really don’t eat soup too often. It’s not that I dislike soup, it’s more that I’m just not a fan of the soup eating process. It’s SO slow…. If it was socially acceptable to treat soup like the leftover milk in the bottom of a cereal bowl and just life the bowl up to my mouth and drink it I’d be all over it, but as it … CONTINUE READING »

The Chicken and Waffle Cone

The Chicken and Waffle ConeI love chicken and waffles, so I’m always looking for new and creative ways to combine the two foods. Back in January I created chicken and waffle wings, which are chicken wings that are breaded with actual waffles. The resulting blog post was by far the most popular story I’ve ever written.

Recently I bought a waffle cone maker. The idea behind my purchase wasn’t to make sugary waffle cones to fill with ice … CONTINUE READING »

Cheddar Cheese Ball Crusted Chicken Strips

Cheese Ball Crusted Chicken StripsI got a package in the mail recently from Target that contained some of their Archer Farms (which is Target’s store brand) Salted Roasted Pistachios, a jar of Corn, Bean and Roasted Pepper Salsa, a package of Buffalo-Style Blue Cheese Dip Mix, a bag of Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and a giant tub of their Market Pantry (Target’s other store brand) Cheddar Cheese Balls.

Out of all the food in the box you’d think that … CONTINUE READING »

Wingstop and the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine

Wingstop's Coca-Cola Freestyle MachineAfter opening 500 locations across 34 different states and parts of Mexico since 1994 Wingstop recently opened a location in Milwaukee and invited me in for a visit. Since I’ve never been one to pass up a free meal (especially one involving a pile of free chicken wings) I happily obliged.

One of the best things about Wingstop is that your chicken wings are always cooked to order so you won’t find any heat lamps … CONTINUE READING »

Chicken and Waffle Wings

Chicken and Waffle DrumsticksIt’s no secret that chicken and waffles taste amazing together, but why should you have to deal with two foods sitting separately side by side when you can just combine them into one delicious handheld snack? That’s the exact question that led me to create these chicken and waffle wings.

The waffle breaded chicken wings were actually amazingly easy to make. I started off by cooking four “drumette” sections of chicken wings and whipping up … CONTINUE READING »

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