Sweet and Sour Chicken in a Wonton Cone

The Wonton ConeLooking for a way to make your leftover sweet and sour chicken just a little more portable? I was, and that’s how I came up with the idea for this deep fried wonton cone.

I began by rolling a few wonton wrappers around a stainless steel cone that’s meant to be used for making cannolis. It’s the same cone I tried to use to make my Chocolate Chip Cookie Cone, and although it didn’t exactly work too well in that situation, it was exactly what I needed in this case.

After I had my wonton wrapped stainless steel cone completed I brushed it with an egg wash to make sure it would stay together when I dropped it in my deep fryer and then I submerged it in the 375° oil until it was golden brown.

After letting my wonton cone cool and sliding it off my mold I filled it with the leftover rice and chicken that I had from the night before and then spooned sweet and sour sauce over the top of it.

All in all my wonton cone turned out to be a pretty awesome experiment. Chinese food obviously isn’t very easy to eat on the go, but this cone would be perfect when stuffed with Lo Mein, Mu Shu Pork or pretty much any Chinese dish out there!

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