Free Stuff Haiku Reviews: Part 3

It’s time for another round of Free Stuff Haiku Reviews! In case you missed the first and second editions, this is where I combine my love of Japanese poetry with some short reviews of free things that companies have sent me by writing a haiku about each product.

Out of all of the newest stuff I’ve received my favorite by far is the Candied Bacon Caramel Corn from Chunky Pig. I brought it to work with me to keep in my desk drawer so I could snack on it when I got hungry and it didn’t even last me a full day. Seriously, it’s great.

Chunky Pig Candied Bacon Caramel CornThe Product:
Candied Bacon Caramel Corn
from Chunky Pig

The Haiku:
I wish I had a,
movie theater sized tub,
I would eat it all

Otter PopsThe Product:
Fruit Flavored Ice Bars
from Otter Pops

The Haiku:
ate you as a kid,
it has been a while since then,
I still like you lots

Mohawk Valley Syrup and HoneyThe Product:
Maple Syrup and Honey
from Mohawk Valley Trading Company

The Haiku:
I do not know what,
to do with so much honey,
send me recipes

Tasty Bite MealsThe Product:
60 and 90 Second Meals
from Tasty Bite

The Haiku:
sixty second meals,
perfect for the impatient,
person that I am

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