Pizza Stuffed Biscuits

Pizza Stuffed BiscuitsI believe it was Alexander Graham Bell who once said “When one door closes another door opens.” Never have those words rang truer than recently when I made some biscuits that were stuffed with fried chicken and coleslaw. They were absolutely delicious, but none of the pictures I took of them looked that great so I decided not to write about them.

On the plus side though, I had a bunch of leftover biscuit dough after I finished making them so I combined it with some pepperoni, cheese and some pizza sauce that I had in my refrigerator to make these Pizza Stuffed Biscuits!

To create them I took a muffin tin and lined the bottom and sides of each cup with biscuit dough. I then filled each one with my pizza toppings and then finished them off with another piece of dough. After that I just threw the muffin pan in the over at 375°F for 18 minutes, kicked back and waited patiently for them to finish baking. After letting them cool for a few minutes I sliced into one with a knife and was instantly met with oozing cheese and sauce.

What’s even better though — and this is something that happens every single time I’m working on a story for DudeFoods — is that as I was sitting on my couch watching Netflix with a plate of Pizza Stuffed Biscuits on my lap I thought of about ten more ideas that I could substitute for the pizza in these. In fact, I’m planning to make some bacon and cheese stuffed biscuits this weekend!

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  1. Mr. Mike
    October 18, 2015 at 9:36 pm (9 years ago)

    You do realize that the “Share and Enjoy” logo at the top of your comments is the slogan for Cyrus Cybernetics Corporation, who makes Advanced Tea Substitutive, a liquid that is almost, but not entirely unlike tea.
    It is common knowledge that the marketing executives will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.


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