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Fleming’s Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Fleming's Steakhouse & Wine BarEarlier this year I was invited to a “media dinner” at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar. The way these types of dinners work is that they invite a bunch of people who write about food, feed them tons of different menu items, give them a bunch of drinks and then in the end it’s sort of implied that you’ll write something about the restaurant. In other words, media dinners rule!

Over the course … CONTINUE READING »

My New Favorite Chips

Pop CornersA friend of mine is a pilot for JetBlue Airways and when I was over at his house one night recently he offered me a few bags of some chips I’d never heard of called PopCorners. Apparently JetBlue serves bags of these on their flights, and after trying them I can see why. These chips are great and are 100 times better than the crappy little bags of peanuts or pretzels that you get … CONTINUE READING »

Cake Balls

Cake BallsI think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a very big dessert fan. Actually, the fact that I rarely ever eat sweets is probably one of the only reasons I can continue to do this blog without weighing 300 pounds. If there’s one desert that I especially don’t like it’s cake. I don’t even eat cake on my birthday, and that’s why when my buddy Allen told me that his wife’s co-worker started her own … CONTINUE READING »

Win a Gift Basket From Planters Nuts!

Mr. PeanutYou may or may not be aware that today is National Peanut Day, but in addition to that it also happens to be the birthday of Mr. Peanut, who is the lovable mascot for Planters Nuts.

To help celebrate, Planters was nice enough to give me a gift basket filled with various Planters peanut products, a t-shirt, a water bottle and other assorted Planters swag to give away to one lucky DudeFoods reader.


Free Crystal Farms Cheese For All!

Crystal Farms Cheese

And by “all” what I really mean is “ten of you.” Crystal Farms Cheese is holding a recipe contest and asked me to help spread the word. It’s all going down Labor Day weekend in Lake Mills, Wisconsin and they’re looking for recipes in three different categories; hot cheese dip or fondue, cold cheese ball or spread and macaroni and cheese.

The first place winner in each category will receive a one year supply of … CONTINUE READING »

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