The Thanksgiving Leftovers Cone

The Thanksgiving Leftovers ConeI pretty much spent my entire weekend eating Thanksgiving leftovers, and by late last night they were almost all gone. I had about enough left for one more meal, but there was a small problem  although I wanted a turkey sandwich to go along with my corn, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy I was completely out of bread,

Too tired to make a 10pm run to the grocery store I searched my refrigerator for a suitable replacement and noticed that I had a can of biscuit dough.

So, following a similar process as when I made my Apple Pie Cone and Chicken Pot Pie Cone I took the dough, wrapped it around a cone-form and baked it upside down in my oven for about ten minutes.

Once the cone was done baking I stuffed it with every last bit of my remaining leftovers and took a bite. Delicious! So much better than a sandwich with everything else on the side and definitely better than just throwing everything on a plate and eating it with a fork.

Some of my best food-related ideas have been born out of either necessity or just general laziness and this one was the perfect combination of both of those factors.

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