Review: Gorton’s Black Garlic & Wine Risotto Shrimp Bowls

Review: Gorton’s Black Garlic & Wine Risotto Shrimp BowlsI first tried these Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls shortly after they launched earlier this year. At the time I mentioned that I loved them because since my wife is allergic to shellfish I rarely ever get the chance to cook it at home.

Since these are microwavable though, there’s no mess left over like there is literally every other time I try to cook something. No mess means no shellfish residue and no shellfish residue means that I can actually enjoy these at home! Oh, and on top of that they’re ready in under six minutes!

I originally got hooked on Gorton’s Stir Fry With Soba Noodles Shrimp Bowl — which I still absolutely love —  but recently I’ve been addicted to their Black Garlic & Wine Risotto flavor. Each bowl is absolutely packed with shrimp, mushrooms and risotto in a black garlic wine sauce. And once again, these bowls are ready in under six minutes!

The issue with most risotto — and especially with microwavable risotto — is that it’s usually either too runny or too thick. It’s hard to find that perfect middle-of-the-road consistency. These Black Garlic & Wine Risotto Shrimp Bowls though? Perfect every time!

So, if you’re like me and need a quick and easy way to enjoy shrimp at home then you’re probably going to want to check out Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls. You can thank me later! Although I guess you should technically be thanking Gorton’s since they’re the ones that figured out a way to pack so much deliciousness into each bowl.

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