Free Stuff Haiku Reviews: Part 2

It’s time for another round of Free Stuff Haiku Reviews! In case you missed the inaugural edition – which I posted last month – this is where I combine my love of Japanese poetry with some short reviews of free things that companies have sent me by writing a haiku about each product.

Really though it’s just my way of clearing my kitchen counter of all the stuff I’ve gotten in the mail while still allowing myself enough time to make things like Bacon maple Crong Johns and Deep Fried Bacon Cheeseburgers. Enjoy!

Sir Kensington Mayonnaise and KetchupThe Product:
Mayonnaise and ketchup
from Sir Kensington’s

The Haiku:
until I tried this,
I used to buy the cheap stuff,
but not anymore

King Oscar SardinesThe Product:
from King Oscar

The Haiku:
sent these after I,
told them I would not eat them,
fed them to a cat

Kizito CookiesThe Product:
from Kizito Cookies

The Haiku:
UPS smashed these,
but they were still super good,
crazy big cookies

tapaz2goThe Product:
tapaz2go Crackers and Hummus
from Mediterranean Snacks

The Haiku:
makes a real good snack,
I never eat this healthy,
these were a nice change

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  1. Bearfoot
    January 11, 2014 at 4:59 pm (10 years ago)

    I like these reviews.
    I will leave a nice comment
    Haiku are cool.


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