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Ultimate Grilled Cheese Contest Finalists!

The deadline to enter the DudeFoods “Ultimate Grilled Cheese” contest has passed and I’ve selected my finalists! First off, I’d just like  to say that I’m amazed with all the creative entries I received, and even though there were only supposed to be five finalists, I just couldn’t narrow it down to anything less than nine.

The Finalists:
#1 – The Grilled Cheesus Burger (submitted by Paul and Lori from Burp! Where Food HappensCONTINUE READING »

The DudeFoods Ultimate Grilled Cheese Contest

Sargento Logo

It seems like every time I post a story about some crazy food that I’ve made I get suggestions from DudeFoods readers on how to improve upon it. Well, here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is!

You see, April is National Grilled Cheese Month and the fine folks at Sargento have hooked me up with a pretty sweet gift basket to give away to the DudeFoods reader that can come up … CONTINUE READING » Acquired By Wendy’s

The New LogoI’ve been waiting to announce this for a while now, but had to wait until all the paperwork and everything was finalized. Today I’m proud to finally let you all know that has been acquired by Wendy’s.

What does this mean for DudeFoods? A lot of really great things actually, the main one being that I’m going to be working with Wendy’s to come up with some new and exciting items for their new … CONTINUE READING »

The Seven Second Beer Challenge

Todd English P.U.B.Do you like free beer? I certainly do, and that’s why I made a stop at Todd English P.U.B. when I was in Las Vegas earlier this month. You see, they have a little challenge there called “Beat The Glass” where you can pick any tap beer they offer and if you can finish it in under seven seconds it’s free.

The challenge is actually a little more difficult than it sounds. The way it … CONTINUE READING »

A Video For My Livejournal Doubter

I recently came across a post on Livejournal written by a girl who goes by the name “Thistle_Chaser” who couldn’t decide whether or not DudeFoods was real or a joke. According to her, it must be fake because no one can eat the amount of food that I do. She specifically pointed out my Milwaukee Brewers tailgate post and said that the amount of food I ate that day “just seems impossible.” She even doubted … CONTINUE READING »

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