Grilling Hot Dogs With a Flamethrower!

Grilling Hot Dogs With a Flamethrower!In my never-ending quest to come up with new video ideas I can use my flamethrower for so I can persuade my accountant AKA mother-in-law that she should let me write off the $500 that I paid for it on my taxes I convinced my podcast co-host Wes to once again let me shoot the flamethrower pretty much right at his head.

Last month we made s’mores with it, and this time around I decided it would be a good idea to use the flamethrower to celebrate the Milwaukee Brewers advancing to the National League Championship Series by attaching a wooden stick to the top of a Brewers batting helmet with duct tape, putting a hot dog on the end of the stick and convincing Wes to wear it while I shot it with the flamethrower. Much to my surprise, he actually agreed!

Also, at this point I’m starting to wonder if the sprinkler system inside the building where we record our podcast — which is where we shot this video as well as the previous one — even works at all because the flame got real close to the ceiling this time around….

If you wanna check out the video I’ve embedded it below. If you just want to see Allison, the owner of the podcast network where we record the Dude Foods Podcast get a hot dog thrown at her face in slow motion feel free to skip to 02:44 in the video. Oh, and if you have any ideas of anything else I can use the flamethrower for let me know! I need to prove that this thing is a business expense!


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