Deep Fried Cheese Crust Pizza

Deep Fried Cheese Crust PizzaStuffed crust pizza is great and all, but the problem with it is that you have to eat through 85% of your crust before you get to the awesome part that’s stuffed with cheese. Why not just make the entire crust stuffed with cheese? Well, that’s exactly what I decided to do!

Out of all the ridiculous pizza crusts I’ve experimented with recently from Macaroni and Cheese Crust Pizza to Tater Tot Crust Breakfast Pizza to Spaghetti Crust Pizza to Cheese Ball Crust Pizza I’d have to say that this one was probably my favorite (although the Macaroni and Cheese Crust pizza was a very close second).

To make my pizza I took a wheel of mozzarella cheese, coated it in flour, dipped it in an egg wash, covered it in breadcrumbs and deep fried it for a couple minutes at 375°. I then topped it with sauce, more cheese and mini pepperoni. To finish it off I baked it in the oven for ten minutes at 350°.

So did the Deep Fried Cheese Crust Pizza satisfy my cravings for as much cheese per bite as I could handle? Absolutely! Would I make it again? Ummmmm, I have twice already!

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