Taco Bell’s XXL Chalupa

Taco Bell's XXL Chicken ChalupaTheir original Chalupa must not have been big enough, because Taco Bell recently introduced their new XXL Chalupas, which are twice the size of their predecessors. I decided that I needed to try one, so on one recent lunch break I headed to the nearest Taco Bell. I didn’t see the XXL Chalupa on the menu or even any signage for it at all, so I just went up to the register and ordered one with chicken in it. I expected it to be $2 or $3 max, but it actually turned out to be $3.99.

Although the XXL Chalupa was pretty damn good, spending $3.99 on a single menu item from Taco Bell seems kind of pointless when you can spend that same amount and get four different items off their “Why Pay More” menu that will fill you up just as much, if not more. The problem with Taco Bell is that their whole pricing scheme is completely out of whack. For instance, the small soda that I bought along with my Chalupa was $1.29, yet they have $2 meal deals that include the same soda along with chips and a taco or burrito. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% grateful for how cheap some of the food at Taco Bell is, but would it kill them to price their items a little more consistently?

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  1. tracy morgan
    November 17, 2010 at 12:33 pm (14 years ago)

    this is the best taco i’ve ever had in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you have never tasted a piece of Gods work, then you need to buy this wonderful, phenomenal, miraculous taco.


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