Soft Pretzel Breaded Onion Rings

Soft Pretzel Breaded Onion RingsI’ve been on a bit of a homemade onion ring kick lately. First it was Kool-Aid Breaded Onion Rings, and more recently Bacon Wrapped Doritos Breaded Onion Rings. Plus, I’ve also been trying to up my homemade pretzel game by making stuff like Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Soft Pretzel Balls. This time though I decided to combine the two to create Soft Pretzel Breaded Onion Rings!

I know you’re probably all wondering how I came up with an idea as amazing as this one right? Actually it’s pretty simple, I had some dough left over after making my Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Soft Pretzel Balls when I looked over and saw a sweet onion sitting on my kitchen counter staring back at me all bored-like so I said “Oh hey sweet onion, why don’t me, you and this pretzel dough get a little crazy and make some onion rings?”

To make them all I did was slice the onion horizontally into rings that were an inch thick and then wrap dough around them. I then dunked the rings in boiling water that had a tablespoon of baking soda added to it — which is what gives the dough its pretzel-like color and texture when you bake it — before letting them chill on a cooling rack for a few minutes. It was at this point that I also topped them with pretzel salt before I moved them to my 375° oven for 20 minutes.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what I dipped these beauties in the answer is nacho cheese. Then again, the answer to “Hey Nick, what did you dip that piece of food into?” will almost always be nacho cheese, whether I’m eating soft pretzels or not.

For as awesome as these were though I have no idea where to go from here. I mean, the only real way to top them would be to make some sort of hanging garland consisting of intertwined Kool-Aid Breaded Onion Rings, Bacon Wrapped Doritos Breaded Onion Rings and Soft Pretzel Breaded Onion Rings and fill all the holes with Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Pretzel Balls. I already did that for dinner last night though so….

2 Comments on Soft Pretzel Breaded Onion Rings

  1. Evan
    April 30, 2015 at 12:29 pm (9 years ago)

    As soon as I read ”soft pretzel breaded onion rings ” I thought “dude better dip them in some cheese sauce” good man.

    • Nick Chipman
      April 30, 2015 at 1:59 pm (9 years ago)

      Hahaha, I’d have to be some sort of anti-American if I didn’t dip them in cheese sauce!


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