About Me

Me at Heart Attack Grill in Las VegasHi, I’m Nick and I like food. When it comes to me and food bigger and crazier is usually better. Chicken wings breaded with waffles? Sure! A sandwich with 26 different toppings — one for each letter of the alphabet? Bring it on!

You won’t find any other contributors here, just me and my ridiculous appetite. So, just sit back, relax and let the gluttony begin!

Since starting DudeFoods I’ve been featured in Maxim Magazine, appeared on Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList, and mentioned on sites like Gizmodo (twice), New York Daily News, BuzzFeed, Fox News, NBC News, Yahoo, America’s Test Kitchen, CNN, the Cooking Channel, Groupon, Food Network, Gawker (twice)msn.com, the James Beard Foundation, GQ, Boing Boing, Mashable, Bon Appétit Magazine, Consumerist.com (twice), ThrillistGuyism.com, Laughing Squid and Foodbeast. Even Pee-wee Herman is a fan!

“One of our favorite renegade food bloggers.”Foodbeast.com

“Nick of DudeFoods may not be a trained chef, but he’s mastered the craft.”Neatorama

“DudeFoods is turning food into an art and taking you along for the ride.”Social Media Delivered

“The Michelangelo of munchies.”Ted Perry, WITI-TV FOX 6 News

“A one-man homage to salty sat-fat combos.”The Independent

“Nick at DudeFoods is know for his, ahem, experimental approach to food.”ShortList Magazine

“The concept of bacon woven into a lattice has been with us since time immemorial, but it was not until this noble year that the dude behind the aptly named DudeFoods single-handedly made it a thing.”BuzzFeed

“As a species, we can go one of two ways. Nick from DudeFoods is showing us one of them, and it probably won’t end very well.”The Daily Banter