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The Cheeto Crusted Chicken Sandwich

The Cheeto Chicken SandwichScrew spices and fancy marinades, if you really want to make a good chicken sandwich all you really need to do is bread it with Cheetos. That’s what I discovered recently at Tower Restaurant & Bar when I tried their Cheeto Crusted Chicken Sandwich.

The sandwich starts off as a simple half pound chicken breast but takes an interesting (and delicious) turn when the culinary minds at Tower bread it with crushed up Cheetos and … CONTINUE READING »

Reuben Pizza

Mulligan's Pub & GrillEach time I think I’ve tried every type of pizza imaginable I come across a new one. That was the case recently when I stopped for dinner at Mulligans Irish Pub & Grill in Franklin, Wisconsin and noticed that they offered a Reuben pizza topped with shredded corned beef, Swiss cheese, shredded cabbage and Thousand Island Dressing.

Before I got a chance to try the pizza however I decided to start with an order of … CONTINUE READING »

PBR Rock Bar & Grill

PBR Rock Bar's Dorito Crusted Mac & CheeseMy wife, a couple friends of ours and I stopped at PBR Rock Bar & Grill in Las Vegas mistakenly thinking that the “PBR” in the name stood for Pabst Blue Ribbon. We were instantly confused however when we looked through the drink menu and noticed that they didn’t sell any Pabst at all. It turns out that “PBR” is also an acronym for Professional Bull Riding. Suddenly the mechanical bull in the corner made … CONTINUE READING »

Leff’s Lucky Town’s Giant Soft Pretzel

Leff's Lucky Town's Giant Soft PretzelI was hanging out at Leff’s Lucky Town on New Year’s Day drinking beer and watching the Wisconsin Badgers play in their first Rose Bowl game in over ten years when one of the bartenders announced that they had giant soft pretzels on sale for $7.

Since Leff’s already has some pretty decent game day specials on food like $2 cheese fries, nachos and regular sized soft pretzels I figured that for $7 this thing … CONTINUE READING »

Poutine – Fries Topped With Gravy and Cheese Curds

Poutine - Fries Topped With Gravy and CheesecurdsMy buddy Jeff and I drove down to Chicago recently to see Matt Skiba of the Alkaline Trio and Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms play a show at the Bottom Lounge. Since traffic around Chicago is usually pretty ridiculous we left Milwaukee fairly early, and ended up getting to the show about an hour before the doors opened. Luckily the Bottom Lounge has a pretty cool bar and restaurant so we grabbed a … CONTINUE READING »

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