Deep Fried Oreo Cookie Filling

Deep Fried Oreo Cookie FillingSometimes I come up with ideas for things I want to make and write about here on DudeFoods, but when I finally get around to creating them they don’t turn out as great as I envisioned in my head. This Deep Fried Oreo Cookie Filling was not one of those instances….

I came up with this idea the last time I made Deep Fried Ice Cream. At the time I breaded balls of frozen ice cream in crushed up … CONTINUE READING »

The Tostada Benedict

Bel Air CantinaThere isn’t much in life that I enjoy more than brunch. It combines my favorite meal of the day — breakfast — with drinking, which is another activity that I happen to love.

As far as breakfast foods go, there isn’t necessarily one that I like more than others, but if I absolutely had to choose a favorite it would probably be Eggs Benedict. What I enjoy even more than traditional Eggs Benedict though is when restaurants come up with … CONTINUE READING »

Pancake Stuffed French Toast

Pancake Stuffed French ToastOne of the things I love most about writing this blog is receiving emails from the people that read it. Those emails are even better when they contain awesome recipe ideas, like the one I recently got from a gentlemen by the name of Jordan, who suggested that I try making his Pancake Stuffed French Toast.

Jordan’s recipe is simple, yet genius at the same time — take a few slices of bread, press an upside down wine glass down … CONTINUE READING »

The Siamese Twin Dog

The Siamese Twin DogWhat you see pictured here may look like a basic hot dog with some slice marks across it, but what you’re actually looking at is a hot dog and a cheese-stuffed chicken sausage, both spiral cut and then woven together as one.

The idea originally came to me after I saw a video on about the benefits of spiral cutting your hot dogs prior to grilling them. Ever since then I’ve been meaning to give it a try, or … CONTINUE READING »

Waffle Breaded Chicken Nuggets

Waffle Breaded Chicken NuggetsI came up with this idea the last time I made Chicken and Waffle Wings. Don’t get me wrong, those are great and all, but these are absolutely perfect when you want a quick, simple way to enjoy chicken and waffles without dealing with the bones in chicken wings.

I love chicken nuggets. They’re easily one of my favorite snack foods when I’m feeling especially lazy, and breading them with waffles just makes them THAT much better. The best … CONTINUE READING »

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