The Reuben Sandwich Cone

The Reuben Sandwich ConeWith St. Patrick’s Day coming up next week I’ve had Reuben sandwiches on my mind for quite a while now. In my opinion there aren’t many sandwiches out there that can top the Reuben. I mean come on, how can you beat corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and dressing served between two slices of rye bread? Well, I’ll tell you how you can beat it… by turning it into a cone!

Why a cone you ask? Because out of the … CONTINUE READING »

The Double Decker Mac & Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave Taco

The Double Decker Mac & Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave TacoEven though I wrote about it almost a year ago, my Bacon Weave Taco post is still one of the most popular stories here on DudeFoods. I’ve done a couple different variations of it since then, including a Bacon Weave Choco Taco, but none of them have been quite as ridiculous as this most recent one.

I was recently asked to be on a local show here in Milwaukee called Studio A, and during filming they wanted to … CONTINUE READING »

Waffle Fry Sliders

Waffle Fry SlidersBack when I wrote about my French Fry Bun I heard a lot of responses from people complaining about how difficult it was to make. Yeah, of course it takes a little bit of effort, but that’s what makes it so awesome.

If you don’t have that sort of time however here’s a nice alternative. I call them Waffle Fry Sliders, and based on the picture and name alone they should be pretty self-explanatory.

The only real problem I came … CONTINUE READING »

Free Stuff Haiku Reviews: Part 6

It’s time for another round of Free Stuff Haiku Reviews! In case you missed the five previous editions, this is where I combine my love of Japanese poetry with some short reviews of free things that companies have sent me by writing a haiku about each product.

The highlight of my most recent run of stuff I’ve gotten was probably the two new flavors of Oreo cookies. Getting to try them before they were even in stores was definitely … CONTINUE READING »

Pepperoni Crust Pizza

Pepperoni Crust PizzaAfter a failed attempt at creating a pepperoni taco shell left me with an abundance of leftover pepperoni I decided to put it to good use by making a pizza crust out of it instead.

Have you ever baked pepperoni slices in your oven to create chips out of them? If you haven’t you should definitely give it a try. Seriously, put some pepperoni on a baking sheet and throw in your oven for ten minutes at 425° and you’ll … CONTINUE READING »

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