The French Fry Bun

The French Fry BunAs you can probably tell from my Bacon Weave Breakfast Burger and my Hash Brown Bun Breakfast Sandwich, I’m always looking for ways to turn foods that aren’t normally used as buns into buns. For my most recent experiment I decided to use some edible adhesive — normally used by bakers to attach edible decorations to cakes — to glue some French fries together, which I then cut into a couple circles to use as buns for a cheeseburger.… CONTINUE READING »

The Top Ten DudeFoods Posts of 2013

The McEverythingWell, it’s been another amazing year for DudeFoods. Over two million of you read my blog, I competed on a reality cooking show, ended up in Maxim Magazine and created a $141 McDonald’s sandwich that got mentioned pretty much everywhere from the front page of Yahoo, to CNN to Fox News. It even made Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList.

As the year winds down though I figured that it was time for a recap of the ten most … CONTINUE READING »

Breakfast Pinwheels

Breakfast PinwheelsI love breakfast and I’m always looking for new and creative ways to enjoy it, so whether it’s using a bacon weave as a bun for a breakfast burger or making a Seven Layer Breakfast Sandwich I’m always trying to switch it up a little.

When I was a kid my grandma would use crescent roll dough to make pinwheels with ham, turkey and cheese and it recently got me thinking about how great a breakfast version would taste. So, … CONTINUE READING »

Free Stuff Haiku Reviews: Part 5

It’s time for another round of Free Stuff Haiku Reviews! In case you missed the first, second, third and fourth editions, this is where I combine my love of Japanese poetry with some short reviews of free things that companies have sent me by writing a haiku about each product.

This time around I sampled some pretty awesome stuff, but the flavored cotton candy I received from Fluff It Up and the box of popcorn that Kernel EncoreCONTINUE READING »

Deep Fried Peanut Butter

Deep Fried Peanut ButterAlright, so my original plan with this was to freeze cubes of both peanut butter and jelly, bread them — with actual bread — and then deep fry them. Do you know what I discovered though? Jelly doesn’t exactly freeze.

Sure, it sticks together a little more than normal jelly does, but as far as freezing enough to the point where I could wrap it in bread and then drop it in my deep fryer it just wasn’t happening. So, … CONTINUE READING »

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