Juniper 61

Juniper 61 Rosemary Chicken Mac-N-CheeseI’d heard so many rave reviews about Juniper 61 since it opened about two years ago that I finally made it a point to stop in and have dinner there recently. They have a pretty eclectic menu, and so many of their dishes sounded so good that deciding what to order was tough. We decided to start with an appetizer of Chile Sweet Potato Fries, but unfortunately they were out of them. “No problem” I … CONTINUE READING »

Buffet City

Buffet CityThere are three different Chinese buffets within about a mile of where I work. One of them is even called Best Buffet, but don’t let the name fool you because it’s actually far from the best. That honor would go to Buffet City, which is located on 86th and Brown Deer Road (right across the street from Best Buffet).

Despite the fact that Buffet City has had numerous health code violations for things like serving … CONTINUE READING »

Recreating the McDonald’s Mega Tamago Burger

The McDonald's Mega Tamago BurgerIt’s no secret that fast food menus vary from country to country. Burger King for example recently offered it’s UK customers a Whopper that included Brussels sprouts that they creatively titled the Sprout Surprise Whopper. If you live in Germany and love tuna you can head to Pizza Hut and feast on a tuna and red onion pizza.

McDonald’s on the other hand happens to have a burger that they sell in Japan called the … CONTINUE READING »

Leff’s Lucky Town’s Giant Soft Pretzel

Leff's Lucky Town's Giant Soft PretzelI was hanging out at Leff’s Lucky Town on New Year’s Day drinking beer and watching the Wisconsin Badgers play in their first Rose Bowl game in over ten years when one of the bartenders announced that they had giant soft pretzels on sale for $7.

Since Leff’s already has some pretty decent game day specials on food like $2 cheese fries, nachos and regular sized soft pretzels I figured that for $7 this thing … CONTINUE READING »

Deli Tray Party Stackers

Deli Tray Party StackersDon’t you just love it when you’re at a party and they have an entire table covered with things like Swedish meatballs, chips and dip and deli trays filled with numerous kinds of meats and cheeses?

What are you supposed to do though when you’re the one that hosted the party and when you wake up the next day you realize all the food was eaten except for about two pounds out of the three … CONTINUE READING »

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