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Terrible PR Emails: Part Three

Terrible PR Emails: Part ThreeBack in 2012 I started a series of posts  alright, technically it was only two posts total, but whatever   where I took terrible PR emails that got sent to DudeFoods, posted screenshots of them and made fun of them.

I always planned on making it a regular thing, but like all my amazing DudeFoods ideas that I’m constantly coming up with my laziness got the best of me and the next thing you know it… boom! Five … CONTINUE READING »

Terrible PR Emails: Part Two

Home Run Inn Pizza LogoWow, it’s only been two weeks since I started my new terrible PR emails column and I’ve already got another one for you courtesy of Home Run Inn Pizza! In case you missed the first one, the whole theme is that I critique some of the PR emails that get sent to me that just don’t seem to make much sense.

I should also probably mention that I absolutely love Home Run Inn’s frozen pizza. Aside from Palermo’s they’re … CONTINUE READING »

Terrible PR Emails: Part One

Red MangoBeing a blogger I get tons of emails from companies and PR people trying to pitch me on why I should write about their restaurant or food product. Most of them are really well written and have nothing wrong with them at all, but every once in a while though one comes along that just sort of makes me laugh.

I get emails inviting me to events in states that are 900 miles away. I’ve been asked to write about … CONTINUE READING »