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Maple Syrup and Bacon Breaded Chicken Wings

Maple Syrup & Bacon Breaded Chicken WingsFarmland Bacon recently launched their Farmland Bacon Club, and to help spread the word — or I guess as more of a bribe to get me to mention it — they sent me a few packages of their bacon to try. Well Farmland, you’ve been heard!

So what exactly is the Farmland Bacon Club? It’s an all-encompassing website where you can find bacon news, contests and giveaways, crazy bacon creations and more. You’ll also find a Bacon Weave Taco recipe there that might look a little familiar, although they fancied theirs up a little more than I did with stuff like purple cabbage and goat cheese.

Now, this blog post wouldn’t be complete without me actually making something with some of the free bacon I got, so I grabbed a package of their Honey & Maple Flavored bacon, fried it up and threw it in my blender! Why my blender you ask?  Simple, because I wanted to use it to bread some chicken wings! That and I was too lazy to chop it all up by hand….

Once my bacon was ready I grilled some wings. I used unbreaded wings, but if I made these again I’d probably use breaded ones, because a nice crispy breading in addition to the maple syrup and bacon could only make these even more delicious.

Once my wings were done I brushed maple syrup over them with a pastry brush and sprinkled my bacon pieces on top of them. I expected the bacon to just stick to the wings, but it kept falling off when I’d pick them up. What I did to remedy this was to just put them back in the oven for three minutes at 400°. After that they were perfect! Oh, and by “perfect” I mean that the ten wings that I made were devoured by me in approximately a minute and a half. Thanks for the bacon Farmland!

How to Make Your Own Bacon and Corn Tortilla Chips

Bacon and corn tortilla chipsHormel recently sent me a case of their new Black Label Cob Smoked bacon to try out. So what’s cob smoked bacon you ask? It apparently dates way back to the days of the settlers, when farmers would harvest corn, dry it out and then build slow-burning fires with the cobs in smokehouses where they’d then hang freshly cured pigs.

For a while now I’ve wanted to try making my own corn tortilla chips, and now that I had a good 20 pounds or so of corn cob smoked bacon to experiment with as well I decided to just combine the two into some Bacon and Corn Tortilla Chips.

Making your own tortilla chips is actually remarkably easy. All you really need is corn flour, water, salt, olive oil and in this case some cob smoked bacon. Technically any kind of bacon would work for these chips, it’s just that corn cob smoked bacon, corn tortilla chips and the corn salsa that I dipped them in when I was done just went so damn well together.

Start off by combining 1/2 cup of corn flour with 1/3 cup of water to make some corn tortillas. This recipe was straight off the package of corn flour that I bought. You may need to add a little extra water though. Roll your corn flour up in a ball and then divide it into four smaller balls. If the balls of corn flour are cracking that’s how you’ll know if you need more water.

Then, take each of the four smaller balls and place them between plastic wrap and flatten them out as much as you can one by one. This is also when you’re going to want to add your cooked, diced bacon pieces. I used about 1/3 of a slice of bacon in each dough ball. I just flattened them out as much as I could, sprinkled the bacon pieces over them and then flattened them a little more so the bacon stuck into the corn flour. In the end your circles of dough should be about five inches in diameter. Next, drop the tortillas in a hot pan and fry them for a minute on each side.

Alright, so now you’ve got some bacon and corn tortillas, but what we ultimately want are tortilla chips, so next up you’re going to take the tortillas you just made and cut each one into six triangles. Then, brush those triangles with olive oil, sprinkle some salt on them, bake them in your oven for ten minutes at 400° and you’ll be left with some delicious Bacon and Corn Tortilla Chips!

Now, this recipe only makes a total of 24 chips, so depending on how many you want you’ll probably have to multiply the quantities a bit. If you plan on making a ton of them it might be smart to invest in a tortilla press as well, because flattening all those tortillas by hand might turn into a bit of a chore. Then again, it’s not like you can walk into the grocery store and buy a bag of these Bacon and Corn Tortilla Chips like you can with regular tortilla chips so it’s definitely worth it.

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sticks

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese SticksI keep thinking that one day I’ll get sick of eating so much bacon, but amazingly it still hasn’t happened. In fact, as time goes by I only seem to be growing more and more fond of it as I keep incorporating it into more of my meals, which with how much I already eat doesn’t even seem like it should be possible.

Recently I came up with an idea to make some grilled cheese sticks, but after a quick Google search I found that tons of people have already made and written about that same exact thing. What I didn’t see though were any grilled cheese sticks that were wrapped in bacon!

Do you know what’s even better than how great these Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sticks taste? How easy they are to make! Then again, pretty much everything I make is easy because I have absolutely zero cooking experience whatsoever.

Alright, so you want to make your own Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sticks? Start off by frying up a couple grilled cheese sandwiches and then cutting each sandwich into for or five pieces. Then, wrap bacon strips around your grilled cheese sticks and to finish things off you can either drop them in a deep fryer for 45 seconds or so, or just put them on a baking sheet in your oven for 17 minutes at 375°.

I’m pretty sure I’ve yet to come across a food that isn’t better when it’s wrapped in bacon. It’s not only  the addition of bacon that makes it good though, it’s the fact that as the grease drips from the bacon it’s usually soaked up by whatever it is that the bacon is wrapped around.

Deep Fried Doritos Crusted Bacon

Deep Fried Doritos Crusted BaconA while back I made some Doritos Crusted Chicken Strips. Then, back at the end of March I made a Deep Fried Doritos Breaded Burger, which was absolutely amazing. Just when I thought I’d run out of things to bread with Doritos though I was staring at a package of bacon that Hormel sent me when I thought to myself “You know what, why not bread some of this bacon with Doritos!?”

So, I fried up about ten slices of thick cut bacon, dredged them in flour, brushed an egg wash over them and then sprinkled crushed up Doritos on top of each slice before dropping them in my deep fryer for about 30 seconds.

The results were delicious! Just when you think bacon can’t possibly get any better a bag of Doritos comes along, mixes it up with some bacon and sucker punches your taste buds! I’m actually having a hard time deciding what I liked better, the Oreo Cookie Glazed Bacon that I made back in February or this. I guess I’ll have to just make them both again and do some sort of taste test!

Easter Dinner Idea: Wrap Your Ham in a Bacon Weave!

Bacon Wrapped Easter HamYou know what goes great with pig? Even more pig! That’s why when Hormel recently sent me one of their Cure 81 hams I decided to do the only logical thing I could think of – I grabbed a package of their Black Label Brown Sugar Thick Cut Bacon,wove it together and wrapped it around the ham!

I mean, if you’re already making a ham you might as well put as much of the rest of the pig to good use as well right?

The great thing about these Cure 81 hams is that they come pre-cooked, so if you wanted to you could just immediately open one up and start eating it, but if you want to make them really good wrapping them in bacon is the way to go!

Now, in doing this you can take the easy way out and just drape some strips of bacon over your ham and throw it in the oven, but if you really want to make sure that you’re getting maximum bacon exposure In each bite what you’ll really want to do is weave your bacon together before covering the ham with it. Not only does this cover as much of the ham as possible, but it also holds the bacon strips together so they won’t fall off the ham as they shrink when cooking.

Want to make your own bacon wrapped ham? Here’s how:
1. Place the cut surface of the Cure 81 Ham face down in a baking pan and add one cup of water.
2. Take a package of Hormel Black Label bacon, weave it together on a separate plate and flip the plate upside down over the ham so the weave covers the ham.
3. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and bake the ham at 325° for 15 minutes per pound.
4. Enjoy your delicious dinner and listen to your family rave about how it’s the greatest Easter ham they’ve ever eaten!

In the end my bacon wrapped ham ended up being the juiciest, most delicious ham I’ve ever eaten. I’m sure that the fact that there was bacon grease dripping down on it the entire time it was in the oven helped, but Hormel made the bacon as well so either way, they’re the ones responsible for the tastiness. I know it probably sounds like they’re paying me to say all this or something, but the only payment I’ve received thus far is pounds upon pounds of their mouthwatering bacon, which in my world is just as good as cash anyway!

Oh and Hormel, feel free to send me any more ham, bacon or any other sort of salty snacks you have! You’ve got my address!

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